Our educational evaluations serve as a comprehensive assessment of your student’s learning profile.  Our team consists of two licensed psychologists and two learning disabilities specialists.  The assessments are designed to determine learning strengths and weaknesses, as well as levels of academic achievement.  Our confidential reports provide specific recommendations and teaching strategies to ensure optimal learning.

Our specific process begins with the accumulation of parent and/or teacher observations (via questionnaires and forwarded educational records).  After examiners have completed the student assessment sessions (typically two sessions), a report will be generated.

Then, two weeks following the final student assessment session, a parent meeting will be held to review findings and the written report.  This report will outline the student’s learning profile and include a specific, appropriate means of recommended support.

All information regarding a student’s learning profile are privileged.  Results will be shared only with the parents or legal guardians unless a written release of information is completed.  After discussing the results, we will assist in the arrangement of appropriate intervention strategies or any potential referral sources.

We evaluate all ages and grades from Kindergarten to the graduate level.

Conducted assessments can determine:

Learning style


Learning disabilities

Difficulties with attention

Difficulties with emotions

Assessments may examine a student’s:

Case history/educational records

Intellectual profile

Academic achievement in reading, written expression, and mathematics

Information processing (oral language/auditory processing, visual-spatial processing/visual-motor integration, memory, executive functioning)

Social, emotional, and behavioral functioning.